Rate of change from 1st trading day

Hi, I’m trying to make a script column to run on a watchlist that will calculate the % return from the first price available (based on close)… any ideas on what would be needed for this?

Hi Jeffrey,

You can use the FIRST() function around the OPEN() to get the earliest price, and then use DIFFPCT() to calculate the change:

//Divide by 100 to display as % in watchlist;

Below is an example using 4 major IPOs last year, with ARM up 137% from its first open, and CART down 27%.

The First Date column is FIRST(BARDATE()) with the watchlist column set to display as a date. The black line is a Show Plot using FIRST(OPEN()) and the Show View formula is the one above but not divided by 100:

NOTE: you will need to set the watchlist’s Date Range property to Everything to get the opening price of stocks first listed more than a year ago:

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Thanks very much Darren!