Relative Strength

Making an RRG is easy, but how do I just do a relative strength of two indices/tickers? SPX:VEA or some such comparion

Perhaps I just figured it out? Is it called a “Division Spread”? So this is saying that the VEA is currently stronger than SPX.


Another way is to create a formula for strength. Mine is:

(0.25*X) + (0.5*Y) + (0.25*Z);

This weights the 130 dma the same as the 23 dma plus the 260 dma. It doesn’t really matter.

Then you can plot a few and see which has been stronger. The easier way is to put codes of interest into a watchlist and sort by the RS column.



1st - Thanks

2nd - How do I get those data fields in my watchlist? Do I need to create/code scripts for those?

Hi Theodore,

You can add custom watchlist columns to add any formulas. Sign in here to watch Lesson 3 on adding columns:

Going back to your original question yes a Division Spread is one way, but you can also create your own symbol under Data > Custom Codes to create the chart. The benefits of this over the Division Spread chart is that you can add it to a watchlist or RRG, but also give it a title and apply alerts:


For a video on creating these ratio chart see here: