Removing Delisted Stocks and/or ETFs from a Scan

Dear Matthew or Darren,

How do you exclude delisted stocks and/or ETFs from a Scan when you choose the market/exchange?





Hi Mathew,

If the date range of the scan is set to Last Bar then only active symbols will be included in the results. Alternatively add something like ‘and VOL()>0’ to the end of the formula.

How do you set the date range to Last Bar?

Mine has everything but

Hi Mathew,

In the scanning manager, Last Bar should be the second option from the top when looking at the Date Range drop down menu…


i'd love to be able to select all shares for a watchlist, without having ANY delisted or ETFs in it.


It is a big waste of time having to get rid of these delisted shares.

Is there a way to do similar when creating watch lists?

Was thinking of a search with some form of 'not equals' delisted.

Any ideas?

I had the same problem. I added:

ACTIVESTOCK = Close(Day()) >0

to my filters. Works a treat.