Resistance and Support horizontal lines


Is there any chance of having a tool that shows the resistance and support by horizontal lines across the chart which can have the following variables:

a. Amount of data to include;

b. Number of required touches;

c. Size of reversals (strong, medium, weak);

d. Size of Support/Resistance Zone (eg percentage) - different colors lines depending on whether it is a resistance v support line

e. Number of Lines to Display, eg:

  • Show all matching lines;
  • Show closest matching lines only;
  • Show 2 closest matching lines; or
  • Show 3 closest matching lines.
Most charting packages I have used have some sort of functionality similar to the above and it would be useful to have it in Optuma as it is a significant tool used in technical analysis.



Hi Karen,

We do have plans for tools like this but I just do not have an ETA at this stage. Other similar tools would be automatic trend lines etc.

The “closest matching lines” is a good idea, it will stop the chart getting too cluttered.

I’ll see if I can push this up the list a bit.

All the best



That would be much appreciated. I use this in another software package and it is indeed a very powerful tool as price inevitably reacts to these horizontal lines.

Thanks very much,