Reward Risk Measure Price Display

Hi Guys,

The Reward Risk Measure Tool is pretty useful on markets that have prices that only go to 2 decimal places, but is rather limited when used on markets, like the forex pairs, that go to more than 2 decimal places. Here a snippet of the AUDUSD chart:

20191112 Reward Risk Measure PricesAs can be seen in the Price Scale and the Time Price Labels, the price goes to 5 decimal places, but the Reward Risk Measure Tool is limited to 2 decimal places.

Please adjust the Reward Risk Measure to either:

  • reflect the price scale Price Display Format, or
  • provide the Tool with a user adjustable Property for the Price Display Format.
I'm hoping this is a simple change that can be implemented quickly.





Hi Trevor

We’ll have a look at that. I’m thinking that it will go to 1 decimal beyond the security it is being added to. So for FX as above the Stop would be 0.69315

It will be added to Optuma 1.6 and released Q1 2020.

All the best


Thanks Mathew