Running Optuma in Wine or Crossover


My question to the forum relates to running Optuma on a non windows operating system. The question is not from the perspective of running Optuma through a Windows virtual machine such as Parallels, VMWare, VirtualBox, etc.
Has anyone run optuma on Wine or Crossover which is the commerical version of Wine?


Hi Tony,

I’m able to get Optuma running under Wine64 in FreeBSD 13.1, however the Intel kmod graphics drivers seem to render Optuma unusable. I’m also having problems running Nvidia graphics drivers on my FreeBSD box, so I’m considering an Arch Linux installation with the latest Nvidia drivers and Wine64. Maybe I’ll have a better time running Optuma in BSD/Linux if I can get the Nvidia drivers to work.

Unfortunately, Optuma is the only thing keeping me on MS Windows at the moment. I’m looking forward to the web based version of Optuma or at the very least, getting it to work with Wine64/Nvidia on Linux, as I’d love to completely get rid of Windows.


Hi Alexander and Tony,
A very old thread, but I’m in a similar situation where I am switching over to linux and about the only thing I’m really struggling to get to work without a VM is Optuma. Did you ever get it going and if so have you got any tips? It pretty much just doesn’t even try and start with wine64.