Scanner for all hits in all data

Hi. Today we had the 6th day on the SPX with a lower high and lower low. I created a script to find this and then created a scan from that script. It always finds the first occurrence matching. How can I change the scanner to find all matching occurrences?

Thanks. Andy

Hi Andy,

The scanning manager will only show the first instance, so might be best to use the Show Bar instead. Did you use the Days Down function DD()? By default it uses closing prices, but you can nest the high and low values:

DD(HIGH())==6 and 

Here’s the SPX, showing this happened on Friday for the first time since May 2012:


You need to go back to 2001 for 7 consecutive high/lows.

Darren - Thanks. I did it the brute force script way. But now I like your method better.



But for Higher high and Higher low.

Hi Mohd,

Instead of using DD() for Days Down use DU() for Days Up, so to show 6 consecutive higher highs use DU(HIGH())==6.

Remember you can nest indicators as well, so use this in a Watchlist column to calculate consecutive higher volume days: DU(VOL())


So DTE has had 6 consecutive days with higher volume, although it has lost 3.65% over those 6 days since volume was down: