Script Bar Properties

Hi All,

A Bar properties conundrum.

I have a simple script that I apply to SHOWBAR:

// Test Pivots

// Pivot Offset

#$PivotOffset = 22;

If(PIVOT(TYPE=Both, DIR=Both, MIN=$PivotOffset), 1, 0)

This script sets a Script Property in the SHOWBAR Properties as shown in the following screen shot:

20200501 Test Pivots Property Variable

Ok, so that works as expected.

However when I try the following script, a development of the one above, and apply it to a Chart Element the #$PivotOffset Property does NOT appear in the Chart Element Properties as expected:

// Test Total HiLos

// Pivot Offset

#$PivotOffset = 11;

HiLo = If(PIVOT(TYPE=Both, DIR=Both, MIN=$PivotOffset), 1, 0);

NumHiLos = ACC(HiLo);


20200501 Test Pivots Property Variable 1

Is this a limitation of the Chart Element? Can it be easily remedied? Or am I missing something here?




Hi Trevor,

It is working for me. Can you open a fresh chart and just apply the chart element? We need to rule out that the CE is using another tool as it’s source.

Also try pasting in your script instead of using the saved one. It should not matter but I want to rule out that possibility.

If that does not work then send a note to the support desk.

All the best


Ah, sorry Trevor I did not realise that the issue was the properties panel. We’ll look into that but I can not be sure it will make Optuma 1.6 without seeing what is involved.