Script Manager Functionality

Hi Guys,

A few suggestions to improve the functionality of the Script Manager:

  1. Provide a toggle that will Collapse/Expand all Groups by a single click. I have over 100 Groups and collapsing them all is a very time consuming process.
  2. Provide for Sub-Groups with Groups.
  3. Allow the Script Manager to be moved to a second monitor so that it does not obstruct the chart you are working with on the first monitor (as can be done with the Custom Tool Manager).
  4. Provide "block commenting" using "{}" as can be done in Pascal in the Custom Tool Manager - will make life much simpler when testing/troubleshooting long scripts.
Thanks for considering these suggestions



Trevor and guys,

I second all of those suggestions and refer to this other older post which contains some other feature requests for the script manager:

and also a new separate post from today on manually controlling a refresh of the script cache

Cheers, Dean