Script Manager - Strange Behaviour

Hi Guys,

I’ve created a simple script on a new SHOWBAR:

// Test Gann Swings 3




Which I’ve saved using the “Save Script As” button in the Script Manager:

20190925-1 Save Script

I then click “Apply” and the script is applied to the chart and the Script Manager dialogue disappears, as expected.

Now I want to modify the script, so I select “Condition>…” from the SHOWBAR Properties Panel which opens the Script Manager again, but my script is not visible under the listings in “My Scripts”:

20190925-2 Save Script

Cancelling the Script Manager opened from the SHOWBAR, and reopening it from “New>Script Tool” shows that my script is listed and I can modify it there:

20190925-3 Save Script

But then, when I go back to my SHOWBAR, it is again not listed in the Script Manager.

I’ve experienced this behaviour with many scripts as I create them and it is very inconvenient during script development as I wish to create a script, trial it, create another script, trial it, then revert to the first script to further develop it but it is not listed in the SHOWBAR Script Manager. In these circumstance I find I have to go back to Script Manager via the “New” menu, with its inherent creation of an unwanted “New Script”, to access the script I wish to modify.

Please explain this errant behaviour, and preferably eliminate it.




Hi Trevor

The issue is that Show Bar used to only show Boolean results. So we hid any scripts which were not a Boolean. If your script was


Then you would see it.

With the ability to show numbers in ShowBars, we do need to do a check to see if this is working ok.

Hopefully that explains what is happening.

All the best


Thanks Mathew.

It is a pain that the Script Manager hides those that are not Boolean results, because it makes it harder to get back to modify them. It would be good if there was a way of having such scripts flagged when used in SHOWBARs so users know what is needed to make the SHOWBAR work properly.