Searching through natal aspects

Hello again!

I was wondering if someone could let me know if something like this is possible.

Using the chart start option for the natal date I’d like to see if certain natal aspects have occurred recently on a selection of stocks that all have differing chart start dates.

There is something about setting the range and how it effects the way optuma reads the start date of the chart. The natal date becomes the beginning of the date range you have chosen.

Choosing the “everything” option as a range doesn’t help because then it searches for only the first instance of that aspect which could be long ago and irrelevant info.

An example of a successful search would sift through my exchanges and see which stocks had a transit Jupiter conjunct Natal Jupiter in the last month based on daily charts. Natal date set by the chart start option.

Logically, I understand why the chart start date is being set to the first date of the “date range”, but in practice this wouldn’t really be an effective way to search through natal aspects since the date I am hoping to extract from the chart start option is usually a first trade date (or at least some other important first date) that the natal aspects are then projected from… not the first date of a range.


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Hi Joe,

We have a Natal Transits script function NA() however this requires a date to be entered manually, there is currently no way to have the script auto select the first date of each code.

If this is something you’d like to see added you can post the idea in our Features Request section here.

Hi Matthew, I will do as you ask here and add to the feature request section thanks for replying.


But I will add that I think this is something that is being overlooked. The NA() tool will always be useless in a search setting if you cannot differentiate between different natal dates of different stocks. If you must set the date then every chart will show the same exact aspect on the same date and this means nothing as no stocks have the same natal date (well … 99.9% do not)


Currently it is a logic problem. The NA() tool already has an automatic date selection based on “chart start” option. This sets the natal date to the start of the first info available on the chart. In many cases this is the actual natal date or at least a significant date to chart from.


In my opinion, just because I am analyzing a set number of bars of a set timeframe, it should not confuse the “chart start” option with the beginning of that set search range…the chart start option should be set to the beginning of the data available on that stock… the first date on the full chart… then only search for the specified natal aspect within the specified range.


It actually disables the use of the this tool completely in the search tool yet it seems all the elements are there to make it work properly already.


Anyways I’ll push this along and see if maybe it could be considered a bug to be fixed in an upcoming update since it really is a sort of a bug albeit one that is specific to the way this tool works in relation to the search tool.


This is one of the most powerful things the natal aspect tool can offer someone if one knows how to use the natal aspects… The ability to search widely for trade worthy moments across entire exchanges rather than just a set few manually monitored stocks, and really it would make the tool at least usable in the search function.



Hi Joseph,

The solution is not as simple as referencing the first date in the file because we don’t have full history for all codes. I’ve always been hesitant to program that in if it was not 100% correct.

What I am planning is an internal database of first trade dates for companies and having it so that the NA() script and tool can reference that. Ideally I would also like a way that users have control over the dates in case they want to make their own adjustments.

It is part of what I am planning for an Astro overhaul which will happen in the new year.

All the best


Thanks so much very excited for changes and enhancements to the Astro software in any way - it is already the most powerful ever available in my opinion - thank you for that!

I would only say that for users who may have their own data or ways of handling data, a curated set of natal dates to search against limits my ability to go off on my own a bit.

I do understand how you are also trying to mold the tools into indicators that more often than not give usable data, but I also like how you often leave an open door to power users to tweak and adjust as we need.

Anyways I’ll do some manual searching for now, thanks again for your response and for reading!