Sector Map Data not all showing

Hi Guys,

I was playing with the Sector Map and for some reason, it now only shows 1194 codes for the ASX shares - exchange.

I did click previously on ‘Exchange’ and change to US equities which has total codes of 5008 - I’m not sure if this is also correct as when I sort by Size, BRK is No.1, strange considering Apple and others are in the trillions.

If I then click back to ASX after it refreshes it shows - 1194 codes with PLS being the largest company at 13.3 billion??

Note, for the ASX, I even tried going to Data - Exchanges - ASX Shares - Import Data History.

I’ve include three images, one for ASX and other for US, and one to show my Settings.

Not sure if there is something I’m doing wrong?

Your support will be greatly appreciated.

Hi Scott,

Whilst we investigate and fix these charts, we do have alternative sector and industry data available with our US and ASX Fundamental Data. If you have those enabled on your account you can add the data to a watchlist or chart:


For a complete of data available with our fundamental data see here:—what-data-is-available-

Adding the data to charts:

Thanks Darren,

Was more about being able to use the Sector Map as a filter of codes. All good for now and look forward to when it’s working correctly again.