Share Broker in the USA

Hi All, I am an Australian wishing to start share investing in the USA (From Australia), does anyone have a share broker in the USA they could recommend??



Hi Brad, I've been using Saxo Capital Markets for about 5 years. I use them for both my personal trading account and also my Self-Managed Super Fund. Although I primarily trade in options, they seem to have a good range of exchange-traded and over-the-counter instruments. They have a large range of US and international equities on their platform, including ETFs too.

I can't really compare Saxo's fees, charges, spreads, etc. with other brokers - the only other broker I have used is IG Markets (for about 5 years too), but the only products I've used with IG have been over-the-counter (even their options are actually CFDs). IG has been heavily advertising in the last year or so that they now trade shares.

I've been relatively happy with both brokers, although I don't really ask much of them... I guess I'm a pretty bog-standard retail client.

Hi Brad,

I've been using TD Ameritrade for many years for its low commission fees.