Shepherd Square gann

Hello following our email as expected.
I propose to have a Shepherd gann square tool this tool is great to work with and it is simple but it helps a lot for the analysis this tool takes the time and the price with a scale for example the price goes down 45 ° and the time goes 45 ° or 90 ° or more or less and as optuma it has much more advanced and technical tools I can see that this tool in optuma will be functional with the other optuma tools month I asked Optuma Support to add this tool (Shepherd gann square) and i dont know how i can get this tool in optuma see photo in attachment thanks

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I have not been able to find much information about Shepherd Gann Squares, based on your screenshot they just appear to be the same type of standard Gann Squares we have in Optuma:

How do they differ? Do you have a link to more information about what they are, how they are different, their formula, whether they are in the public domain, etc?

Hello here is the link for this tool in photoScreenshot_20211211-145457_Chrome

Hello here is the link for this tool in photoScreenshot_20211211-145457_Chrome


That looks like a link to a zip file on your local system, it is not something I can access.

It also does not provide me with any of the answers to the questions posted in my last reply, without this information there is nothing we can review or action.

Looks like a Andrew’s Pitchfork to me. Optuma has that.

A Google search for Shepherd Gann Square reveals that it is a tool implementation for MT5 by Shepherd Software Corp that provides a way of working with the Gann Sqaure of 9 and the Gann Square of 144.

Optuma has the Gann Square of 9 tool (and the Sqaure of 24) included in the Gann tool kit.