Show Bar - Close Below Mid


I have a Show Bar script applied to my chart that shows all bars that close below their mid point.


However, I have come across the last bar on my weekly chart that should be indicated but isn’t - it’s for NEA on 18/11/16.

Any ideas why this might be?

Thanks for your help.



Hi Merrilee,

From your image it looks like the retracement tool isn’t anchored to the exact high and low of the bar. To make sure the tool ‘snaps’ to the exact price click the padlock icon on the left of the screen. Reapply the tool and you will then see that it closes on the exact midpoint (0.79), and not below so not meeting the Show Bar criteria:



Hi Darren

Thank you, I didn’t know about that price locking thing - I will be using that in the future.

What confused me was the pricing on my NEA chart is only 2 decimal places, yet the actual values were to 3 - so the maths didn’t add up.

It does now, thank you again :slight_smile: