Software / Excel Template for Maintaining Track Records of Trades

Hello Everyone,

I’ve be looking for a Software or Excel Template (I believe Software will be better) for maintaining Track records of trades that I take in actual and virtually.

With Track Record, I mean - Buying / Selling Price, Stop loss, Trade was profitable or not, Trade accuracy (how many trades were profitable), monthly / annual rate of returns (absolute / CAGR).

It would be great if anyone could help with this. Apart from these, if there are more data / inputs that can be recorded, please do let me know.


Hi Raj,

The following post regarding how to use EDFs and Watchlists in Optuma to build a type of Portfolio manager maybe of interest:

Hi Raj,

I’ve been using a great excel spreadsheet developed by Greg Thurman called “Trading Journal Spreadsheet” for the past few years.
It is pretty comprehensive and allows you to save lots of info about your trades.
It is suitable for a lot of different types of traders including Stocks, Options, Futures, Forex, Spread Betting, CFD and Cryptocurrency.

I am not affiliated with Greg. I’m just an end user that is happy with the product and I will receive nothing for recommending it to anyone.

This is the address of the website: