statistic of tool efficacy

Is there a possibility to see how effective a certain tool is on a market?

F.e., does a Square between Jupiter and Saturn have a significant effect on a certain market? This could be f.e. shown as a cumulative curve (overlay) of several years in which this occured.
I think, Timing Solution has such features, but I haven’t seen it in Optuma.

Hi Christian,

You can use astro functions in the backtester to take entries and exits based on planetary signals eg PA() for Planetary Aspects (click here for a function list). As an astro client you should have access to the Astro Scripting forum thread and see this example for scripting conjunctions:

Thank you.
Is there a possibility to test independently from trade simulations?
Let’s say I want to see how for the last 20 years the market behaved 10 days before and after the conjunction of two planets. I want the result to be shown as one line cumulating all the events starting at -10 days and ending at +10 days from the exact conjunction

Hi Christian,

We have that ability in the quantitative Signal Testing add-on module. The example below measures the performance 10 before and 10 days after the conjuction of Mars and Jupiter on the Dow Jones index. Of the 57 events since 1900, the Probability of Gain (win rate) is 60% but on average the index is flat (-0.03%) 10 days after each conjunction.

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