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Great tool - here are my 2 cents at the moment


I’m really enjoying the signal testing tool. Wondering if generally across the board including the alpha and signal lines you could change the red green colour combo as I’m colour blind. Is it also possible to test Astro tools such as moon phases?


Is it possible to test seasonal patterns with the tool? I know Larry Williams and TomDemark and others have tested certain days and certain dates and months are better than others e.g spx500 rises more on tuesdays than any other day of the week. Can this be added to check?

Have a seasonal line indicator which can be applied to charts - almost like a forward looking moving average. Basically overlaying your current seasonal line chart over a candlestick chart

The ability to hide the bottom indicators on the chart by double clicking.

Having the the ability to add stops to a rebalancing back test strategy. E.g if my stock declines by 20% during the rebal period I go to cash.

How can we add intraday data? I use oanda and I can only see very limited intraday data even though I can see heaps more when using the local oanda platform. Do you also still support IB data ?

a bug which is there is when you apply a obv line to a chart and then try and put a moving average the charts falls apart.

Is it possible to include some sentiment indicators. Maybe having direct feeds for retail CFd sentiment data or free sentiment feeds from NAaim etc


thanks in advance


Mandeep ps I am currently using the pro services Gann edition.




Just letting you know that I spent an hour on this and then the forum logged me out and I lost it all. It was a really good reply but now you’re only going to see my frustrated short response.

Re Tester colours - added to development schedule - no eta

Re Seasonal tests - we have no DayOfWeekNum() function so we’ll add that in. You can do a test from all June 21 by using this script.
DAYNUM() == 21 and MONTHNUM() == 6

Re Hide Indicators at Bottom - Hide the views in the structure panel. See

Re Stops on Rebalance - I see no reason not to have stops. I’ll review when I do the quant lessons on back testing.

Re Intraday. IB still supported but data never as good as a dedicated data provider like IQ Feed or eSignal.

Re Bug - can not repeat - please record a video and send to support (this is not the place to be reporting bugs)

Re sentiment - we can add them but it will take a while as the data team is busy on some major projects. You can download the csv from their website and import as a csv

One request - please do not group requests like this. Keep a thread for a single item as it is easier for us to review and link into projects if it makes sense to add.

All the best


Thanks for your response Mathew and appreciate the work you guys are dong.