Super Trend

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Any plans to include super trend indicator in Optuma 1.6.




Hi Deepak,

No, because I don’t know what it is.

If you are going to ask a question like this, please provide more information than just a name.

Is it a proprietary tool? Who came up with it? How do we find out the official explanation?

I will review the tool once I have more information but I will reject it if it is a small variation of an existing tool wrapped up in a marketing name.

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Thanks Sir for the reply.

The ST is calculated based on a coefficient that is applied to the average volatility of the period considered.

The Super Trend indicator is calculated using the Average True Range (ATR).

The Average True Range is an indicator that calculates the average range of the last X seats and measures volatility.

Once volatility is identified, the Super Trend is calculated by applying to the latter a volatility multiplier and a coefficient relative to the observation period over which volatility is calculated.


The SuperTrend Indicator Formula:

Upper=(high+low)2+ (Multiplier∗ATR)

Lower=(high+low)2− (Multiplier∗ATR)

Olivier Seban is the inventor of the SuperTrend Indicator.


Below is one of the older post.


I really dont know if its a proprietary tool.