Supply and Demand Zones

Hi I have been trading supply and demand zones in the FX and Futures Market for a few months and wanted to test this quantitatively using the signal tester or backtester.

I look for 3-6 candles which are congested / inside each others range (demand zone) and then price rockets out of this zone at least 5x the distance of the demand zone. I then put a buy order at the top of this area and when price returns to this zone it generally bounces.

So far I have used the following to identify the 'congestion / demand zone': CANDLESTICKPATTERN(SCANALL=False, SCANTYPE=[Bullish Hikkake])

Is there a way to test when price returns to this demand zone to see how often price rallies or the zone works. Also any other ideas on how to define the demand zone (e.g. potential script for 3-6 inside bars) would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Thanks Mandeep. I can’t think of a quick way to do this, so if you want us to spend more time on it we can arrange a scripting consultation. Contact support if you would like to go ahead.