Support and Resistance scanner

Some software, like Pro Real Time, allow user to scanner the market to find stocks that are at support level or resistance level.

is there something like this in Optuma ?



Hi Ciro,

Here’s a blog post I did showing how to do this using the Pivot Labels tool:

Can these be built in to Optuma?

Hi Darren,

I took a look at your post, but if I'm correct it allows me to find breakout. I'm looking instead how to find stocks that are near resistance or support and have not already passed the level.

i hope that this is a bit clear



Hi Ciro,

There’s a section in there for when the current high is within +/- 1% of the previous pivot level:

//Define the pivot criteria
V1=PIVOT(MIN=15, TYPE=High);
//Get the current high price and when the last V1 pivot occurred
//Calc 1% rule

Note: To use the latest closing price instead of high change H1 = HIGH(); to H1 = CLOSE();

This example will only show those whose current closing price is within 2% of the previous pivot high but hasn’t crossed. Note that the WITHIN() function will calculate 2% above or below, so we have to use a different formula from above:

V1=PIVOT(MIN=10, TYPE=High);
//Set % range
(R1 >= 0.98 and R1<=1) and
//High must also be less than Pivot;

Note that a pivot level isn’t necessarily a significant support or resistance level - I would still look at the charts to visually confirm. For example, PEP is within 2% of the pivot level which was set by last week’s all-time high (confirmed because this week has a lower high) whereas CELG is at significant historical support and resistance level, found in the above scan on weekly data: