swing stops

Hi folks I currently have market analyst 7.5. So the request is, Is their a way to use the swing points as references for stops. So can I formulate a stop based on an entry where it crosses above a swing top, but put my stop for the same trade below the previous two lower swing bottoms, as per the picture. Obviously I want to be able to use this in system tester etc. thanks

gann swing stops

Hi Tim,

The Optuma scripting language is not available in 7.5 but if you upgrade then these values can be calculated by the program. It may be possible to script like this:



CLOSE() < S1[3]

where S1[3] is the swing start value 3 swings ago (assuming the current swing is up). In the example below S1[3] is 884.49, which matches the watchlist column being calculated by the script.


However, when the next swing down develops this low will then be 4 swings ago - S1[4] - and S1[3] will have a value of 910.50, thereby incorrectly triggering the exit when the close is below that value.

As such, I don’t think we’ll be able to automate this swing stop strategy using the scripting language.

Hi Darren.


thanks for the reply. So just to be sure. I am not after a trailing stop. Your saying there is no way to lock in the value of the original swing stop.



Hi Tim,

No you can’t automatically lock in that value. You would need to hardcode the formula eg CLOSE() CrossesBelow 884.49