Swingstat AvePercent

Not sure what I’m doing wrong here:


I think the value returned by the script is already a %, by adjusting the Chart Elements properties to % it is multiplying the result by 100 again. In the script, try dividing it by 100 there, this should bring the result back to the expected range.

SWINGSTAT(V1, DEFAULT=AvgPercent, TYPE=All) / 100


That doesn’t seem to work: 1.105 can’t be the average percent change of the QQQ for the Volatility Swing indicator on the daily

Hi Krishen,

The AvgPercent option is calculating the average retracement of the swings, not the percent change. If you change the Swing Count from 10 to 1 you will see it matches the P/R label in the Gann Swing Overlay chart. You could use AvgSwing instead but note this is in dollars not percent so I’ll log a request to make the average change percent to be added to the SwingStat output for version 2.2.