Syncing Ephemeris With A Chart

I have a couple questions.

  1. How do I draw a triangle inside an ephemeris?
  2. How do I draw a square inside an ephemeris?
  3. Can the triangle and/or the spare be rotated within the ephemeris?
Now that I have an ephemeris with either a square or a triangle, I want to step the planet of my choice through the Zodiac and show a line on the chart that represents that planet move in sync with the ephemeris. How can this be done? See screenshot and attached workbook.

[attachment file=“54695”]


Hi David,

You can’t draw in the ephemeris, but you can enable the Aspects that will automatically highlight relationships between planets, eg opposite, square, etc.


To link the price chart to the ephemeris select a coloured grouping diamond as per this video:

Depending on what you are trying to achieve, rather than draw on the ephemeris you may be able to apply another tool on the chart eg Time by Planetary Degrees to show when a planet moves X degrees (eg 90 degrees for a square, 120 for a triangle) from a selected point.

Don’t forget we offer software consultations where we can help you set charts up and apply some tools. More info here.