It looks to me like TDAmeritrade real time data is now Schwab data. They made me create a new account at Schwab. Will Schwab become a Data Provider in Optuma?


Currently, Charles Schwab does not support the data feed connection we were using under TD Ameritrade. We are looking to see if we can use their API setup but it is not yet available.

Alternative options for real-time US Equities data would be Interactive Brokers, and IQFeed.

  • IB:
  • IQFeed:
IB charges a small monthly fee on a per-exchange basis, you would need to talk to your IB account rep to get the subscription set up before the data was available in Optuma.

IQFeed is a dedicated data provider (not a broker), with the feed starting from around $130 per month:§ion=fees

IQ feed is no longer in the data providers list in Optuma, how do we connect the IQ feed?

Hi Adam,

The option to connect to IQFeed will only appear if Optuma detects the IQFeed API is installed on the system. If you don’t have it yet you’ll need to download and install that first before the Data Config Wizard will show it as an option.

For more information see the prerequisite section here: