Three Cheers for Optuma Scripting

For the past week I have been coding up some complex scripts/scans for trading setups. This activity is probably somewhat different than Optuma was designed in that I only care about the last few days of price action. My overall comment is that Optuma works to find these setups from the latest data.

I just wanted to post this “attaboy” as many of my post on this forum are questions/complaints. The alternative for me is to code up these algorithms and generate a “hit” list external to Optuma. I have found no need to do this so far.

Andy Askey

Thanks Andy -we all really appreciate you writing this.

We’ve also been a little surprised with all that Scripting can do. Initially it was written as a way to access functions programmed in the Pascal module. My expectation was that Pascal would be what everyone uses. As time went on, we realised that scripting could do 99% of what people needed so we made that the priority.

All the best


An additional comment is the use of GannSwing scripts. Appears incredible amount of work have gone into these. If I try to code these up myself it would take total commitment for months. And then I would lack real world testing of the algorithms that Optuma provides. Again, for a programmer Optuma is magic. And I only understand half (or less) of the capabilities.


I too would like to thank the developers and support staff etc of OPTUMA as they certainly provide the BEST support of any software I have come across over the years

I’d also like to congratulate Optuma for what they have produced. Do not to underestimate the raw power of the Optuma script environment.

I’ve been heavy-duty scripting for several years now, and may have used the scripting environment in ways that were never intended. For example, my latest creation consists of about 5000 lines of code, across over 100 inter-dependent scripts operating on two workbooks.

It uses functions like IF(), SCRIPT(), TIMESINCESIGNAL() and all the OHLCs hundreds of times, VALUEWHEN(), SWITCH(), SIGNALAFTER() scores of times and other functions like ACC(), ACCSINCESIGNAL(), MOD(), MIN(), MAX(), IsUp, IsDown, NOREPEAT(), CANDLESTICKPATTERN(), LOWESTLOW(), HIGHESTHIGH(), etc. Some scripts have dependencies on 10 or more other scripts and there’s funky stuff like deep-nested SIGNALAFTER() functions to get specific outcomes.

Maybe the guys at Optuma would shudder when reading that, but, pleasingly, I can say Optuma works like a charm even under these conditions - although the workbooks do take half a minute or so to open :slight_smile:

So, in my experience, what can be done with Optuma scripting is quite astonishing.

About the only area that I haven’t been able to achieve with Optuma scripting is really nasty recursive compounding calculations, but there has been a way with Optuma scripting to solve every other harebrained idea I’ve had. :slight_smile:

The guys at Optuma are super helpful and have given insightful answers to my scripting questions in this forum over the journey, which has really helped improve my skills and understanding of the Optuma scripting environment. They really know their stuff.

So hooray and three cheers for Optuma scripting from me too. I’ll say it again, don’t underestimate how sophisticated and powerful Optuma scripting is and the awesome things you can do with it.


Yes 3 cheers for a different reason. As a newbie Ive been able to quickly produce the attached with NO assistance other than to do the scripting courses and check the resources. A very big capacity with a steep learning (but easy) curve.