Time Measure Tool


I use the time measure tool extensively, and it would be very helpful if the selected to and from dates appeared in the Properties Panel, so that you know you are on the right date and getting the right time measurement between dates. If you look below, you can see the time measure set for the S&P in calender days, however, it is very difficult to know which date it is being measure from, if you move the cursor slightly the date can easily change into the next day, and you cant tell the actual start date you are measuring from, likewise its hard to tell the exact end date. By adding the “To” and “From” date into the property panel, or by adding an option to add it to the label, you would be able to see the exact dates its measuring from, and know that the 298 days are for the dates you want. Right now, it is very difficult to see, and you have to really zoom in each time to check if you have the line exactly on the right bar and date on each side, which is very time consuming. I find I am having to use a date calculator to double check all the “to” and from “dates”. Thanks a mil for a great product!



If you right click on the Tool on the chart, or in the Structure Panel, then click the mouse icon you’ll find the exact dates the tool is attached to, along with the price it is located on.


Hi Mario,

Have you tried the Time Price Measure tool?


Hi Trevor, Darren, thanks


Both useful options, I just checked the time measure by clicking on the mouse, and I see it had the wrong date :wink: I have also used the Time/Price Measure tool, and the labels are great for what I need, thanks Darren.