Tool placement date

Given that I do a lot of forward forecasting using time counts and astro tools, is it possible to add a tag to the tools on the charts that shows when it was placed?
Anyone can place trend lines, labels, time counts etc in hindsight, but would be good to be able to check the date that it was done.

I haven't been able to find it yet so assuming that it is not a feature yet.

Thanks Rhiannon. We don’t have that feature, but you can add a simple text box with the date when you apply the tool, or the Time Price Label tool. This example shows two trend lines applied on June 14th and Nov 13th:



Hi Rhiannon,

Your suggestion for a "tool placement date" tool was an interesting one that prompted me to create a simple Optuma Custom Tool that will do that. You'll find it on my web site Auld Tyma Data. It allows an Optuma User to apply an annotation like this:20190226 Tool Applied Date (Chart)


Look for it under "Reports & Tools > Optuma Scripts & Tools" under the heading "Optuma Custom Tools List".



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