Trades disappearing from Trade List

I am testing a strategy in the backtester using weekly MACD and Stochastic crossover signals.

I noticed that when I get a signal, the correct trade shows up on the trade list. However, it disappears after a day or two.

I am assuming it has something to do with the weekly signal reversing mid week. I’m using EOD

Is there a way to keep the trade list from removing the position? Even if I increase the minimum hold days, it disappears.

Running 2.1 Build 74, Backtester settings attached.

(Also - one last thing I noticed: Using YTD shows a date in the future. Today is 9/16 and the test results show 9/18)

Many thanks,

Thanks John - yes one of the dangers of testing on weekly or monthly data before the week or month has finished is that the signal can change as new data is added. There’s no way of keeping the trade as the signal has now changed to false.