Trend Line (lock feature for manual extension)


Regarding the trend line tool, it would be great to learn if there is a way to do the following, or if not, I think this it would be useful:

  • To have the ability to lock in the positions of A (control point 1) and B (control point 2) on the trend line tool. While A and B are locked or are static, extending the length of the beginning or end of a trend line to a user-defined position while A and B do not adjust is the idea. I am aware of the extend features, but this would be for a custom length where you don't want it to extend further than where you drag it to. Most of the time when I click and drag the end of a trend line to extend to where I desire, one of the control points will not stay exactly where I originally had planned for it to be and then I need to zoom in, readjust, etc. If there was a way to lock the control points with a clickable feature or perhaps have the ability to hold down a key (ex: shift, alt, etc) while extending a trend line and the control points stay put while you readjust length, that would be of help.


I found my way here via a Google search and would like to bump this request - this feature would be really helpful. In other software this kind of functionality is offered temporarily by use of a hotkey - e.g. holding ctrl while the line is selected - to lock the angle but manually adjust the length.