trend lines

the trend line degrees are always changing. if i make a 45 degree trend line and save the workbook and then open it again, the degree changes.

below are two files with the same trend line showing different degrees.

Hi Ricky,

When using geometry and angles you need to lock the Time/Price Ratio in the bottom-right corner to keep the angles constant.


Note that if you use the Geometric Line tool (instead of the Trend Line) you will be prompted to lock the ratio when the tool is applied.

For more information and videos on using the Time/Price Ratio to scale charts see here:

Dont get it. The trend line is different every time i angle it to 45 degrees. So cant really tell which 45 degrees is the right one. Can you guide me on how a 45 degree trend line is drawn?


Did you watch the videos on the article Darren posted earlier?

These will show you step by step how to lock the Time Price Ratio so the angles do not change when the zoom levels are adjusted. It also shows how to set the 1x1 Gann Fan line to a true 45 degree angle.

If you still aren’t sure after reviewing all the material on the article above, please provide more information about which step specifically is causing problems.

Having watched the videos on 45 degree trend lines I am still confused. Even when you lock the Gann fan 1x1 to the chart ratio you can still get 2 versions of the same chart with different 45 degree angles with respect to price. I would just like to apply a true 45 degree angle with respect to price consistently. Is this possible please?

Thank you

I still havent figured this out lol

Hi guys,

Can you provide screenshots and/or a link to a Loom video?

If the Time/Price Ratio in the bottom-right corner of the screen is locked to the same value as the Price Unit of the Gann Fan then the 1x1 will be a geometric 45°, and it will stay in place when the workbook is saved, closed, and reopened.

In this example, from the low to high the Price Unit of the Dynamic Gann Fan tool is 5.6913, and when that is used in the Time/Price Ratio then the 1x1 line (in green) is 45° - as seen with the red trend line drawn over the top with the Show Angle label enabled:


Thanks Darren I appreciate this. I have attached 2 Gann Fan angles on the same chart with ratio set in the bottom right corner and the same ratio in the Gann fan setting, I have these locked so yes they will be the same when I reopen them later but they are both different with respect to price. How can this be? Which one is the true 45 degree?

Do you see my issue?

Many thanks

Sorry I missed the show of ratio 40575 in the Gann settings


Sorry I forgot to attach the show of ratio 40575 in the Gann settings


I followed these steps and still the lines are different. Please have a look.

Thanks guys. It’s because you are using different Price Units for each one. Remember the 1x1 draws the line at one unit of price by one unit of time (eg day, week) so if either one of those values change then the line will change.


However, if they are drawn with the same Time/Price ratio as per the bottom-right corner then both will be a geometric 45° line in the screen, but because the scaling is different the lines will appear different. If the Time/Price ratio is left unlocked (by default) then the angle of the 1x1 line will change, but it will still be a time/price 1x1 line.

So this raises the age-old question - what’s the correct Price Unit to use? That’s the art of Gann theory - you need to find one that fits the particular chart and timeframe of what you are looking at.

In this old video Mathew explains in detail how the Gann angles are calculated:

Thanks Darren this makes so much more sense now. I don’t think I ever saw the video you just sent as this explains my lack of understanding. My confusion was with the time/price ratio as opposed to the price unit. Understanding and changing the price unit has made my understanding clear and my charts look better.

If I had been brought up to use graph paper I would have been better off :wink: or maybe not…

Many thanks