Two charts in one or both linked each other

I have created two different chart.

first chart with my on indicator.

second one is the relative of stocks vs the market

But I want to do a single chart with my indicator and the relative chart that change when i change the ticker.

how I can do this ?

I hope i was clear.




Hi Ciro,

Instead of creating a spread chart apply the Relative Index Comparison tool to the Agilent chart, along with your indicator. By default it will use the SPX as the relative, but you can change it to your preferred index in the properties. See the video here for more tips on using relative charts:



I have created the relative strenght vs the market.

I have also applied a moving average to this ratio.

Now i like to change the background color of the idex or stocks according with the crossover between relative index and his moving average.

can I do this ?


Hi Ciro,

Of course! Right-click on the RIC line and select Custom colour scheme from under Properties > Plot Style and then enter the script formula, eg RIC() > MA(RIC(), BARS=100, CALC=Close)

For more on custom colours see these links:

Hi Darren

i have followed your support and now RIC color change according to crossover.

But i want to change the background color of my index chart, as highlited in the attached chart




OK sorry I misunderstood, but just do exactly the same on the price chart that you did with the RIC (change the RIC back to single colour if required).

I’m doing it, but I’m missing something…

what ??

It’s impossible to tell from the screenshot but it may be that the bars are too compressed to see the colours. Zoom in to see fewer bars on the screen and see if the colours appear.

If not, click on File > Export Workbook and send the file to support.

One thing I did notice is that the RIC is of the VIX NET NON COMMERCIAL chart which must be hidden from view.