Uninvited dashed line appears

I often get a dashed line show up for no reason. The attached file shows a spread chart using subtraction. How can I get rid of this line?

Thanks. Andy



Hi Andy,

Do you have an alert set for one of those tickers? You can either disable the alert from being shown by right-clicking in the price scale and untick the Show Alerts box, or delete the alert from the Alerts manager.

Also, note that rather than creating a subtraction spread you can create your own ticker under Data > Custom Codes to create the same chart which can then also be included in a watchlist.

Hi Darren,

Thanks. It was an alert I set many months ago and forgot about.

I use Custom Codes for complicated formulas and Spread charts for simple stuff.

I have to say the Optuma is very flexible and I have imported many types of data sets to chart. Many free data sites provide an API to grab the data and I run a program each night to update these data sets. A good example others can use is the FRED site @ https://fred.stlouisfed.org

Great tool.


No worries Andy. Have you heard of a data provider called Quandl? With the latest version of Optuma it’s now possible to import data automatically via their API (one of their free databases is FRED). See here for more information:

Importing Quandl data via API