Unlocking Market Phases

Hi all,

I watched the presentation and it looks incredibly exciting, what an enormous flash that lightbulb must have made!! It’s at least groundbreaking and potentially game-changing. I can’t wait to see it!

Getting ahead of myself as I do, I wonder whether this will be useful in day trading too. Any thoughts?



Hi, I’ve been trying to use SHOWVIEW to display the current market phase, but no joy.

My idea was to create a script that was always true, like CLOSE() > 0 and then use custom colours to indicate the current phase. I’m not getting anything other than the default colour.

Help please.



Hi Kim,

You can apply the Phases tool four times and change the Phase Mode to Search and the Leading property to Stocks, Commodities, Bonds, and Dollar. Change the colours as required and then drag them over each other in to the one view:

Save and open the attached workbook as an example.

Phases.owb (26.1 KB)

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Can we know how this leading lagging is calculated. Whats the time frame considered to calculate this lead lag.