update breadth graph after changing formula



i want to change the formula of the breadth, i have the screen folowing; in the background you see current breadth before modification (lower right):

2019-09-13 16.26.53


i click apply, then i recalculate all breadths:


2019-09-13 16.28.03


it is done:

2019-09-13 16.28.25


but my graph is not updated untill i close the optuma software, restart all the startup. i tried to close / reopen the workbook, it doesn’t solve.

i miss something ?


only after another startup and relogin, i ha the graph updated… pretty long when i want to test different parameters.


2019-09-13 16.32.40



I’m facing the similar issue. I just close the chart window and reapply it, then it shows the chat with updated data.