Verbose progress notification in bottom left corner

The notifications and progress bar indicator in the bottom left corner of Optuma is quite useful, particularly when downloading and unpacking price data from exchanges. But it is a little too terse, and when you force a data download, or a rebuild, or something similar, there is often very few or no notifications about what is going on. It would be great to have a 'verbose' option for the progress indicator that gives you lots of information about what Optuma is doing with data. For example, when I do a rebuild of ASCII data for forex, I have to check the date/time stamp on files in my file system periodically to figure out if the rebuild has happened or not. It would be a lot nicer if Optuma told me in detail what it was doing through the progress indicator/notifier in the bottom left corner.

Just a thought.

Hi Dean,

Thanks for the suggestion. We’ve locked up the Optuma 1.3 release now but we will see what we can do for Optuma 1.4.

All the best