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Hi There


Is is possible to see on the chart when a company is due to release their half year and full year results.


IE, access to their reporting calendar… please see


I assume, most companies will have a similar release date. But for variances over this time, what can we do to just have these plotted as lines on the chart?

Hi Jonathan,

Unfortunately we don’t receive this data in our Fundamental data (it’s only possible from a Bloomberg data feed). Unless we get enough interest to justify the development cost of adding the data the only option would be to manually apply a vertical line to your charts on the required dates.

Just want to add that it would be useful to have the ability for these metrics (such as info on dividends, earnings, etc) to appear on a chart layer without having a Bloomberg connection. A workaround might be to select data feeds through Quandl and then importing into Optuma.