Watchlist & Resistance Levels

Hi, with the watch list I have setup it defaults to size 11 font and then when I keep changing, saving, exiting and coming back into the watch list it keeps reverting to size 11 font. Is there anyway to set and keep the font at size 9 and also set the various column widths in the watch list so you do not have to do it every time you enter.

Also is there a tool that can be a used on any chart that allows resistance levels to constantly be there to make it easy to visually see when the price is approaching the resistance level you can pay close attention to what is to occur.


How about a reasonably thick horizontal line?

Hi Karen,

The watchlist should stay the same as when it was last saved. Are you opening it on the same computer?

As well as a horizontal line you can use a Show Plot tool to automatically draw levels, eg 52 week high, last month’s high, or see this post on using pivot labels:



Hi Darren, thanks for your email.

  1. With the Watchlist I have saved it at least 10-15 times and reopened it and it is still switching back to font 11 and reverting to the old column widths and I am using the Watchlist on the same computer. Can someone call me to check the software please as I cannot get stay the way I have saved it.
  2. Thanks for the link for the Pivot Labels to determine significant highs and lows - I am trying to get the Pivot Labels to work out out the significant highs and lows from your last link but I am not doing it correctly and it is giving my vertical lines. Please let me know what tool I should be using and the exact settings as I've played around with this for hours and still cannot get it to work.
Thanks and kind regards,


Hi Karen,

Please send the workbook file with the watchlist to [email protected] and we’ll take a look.

What formula are you using for the pivot labels? This in a Show Plot will draw 10 bar pivot highs:

V1=PIVOT(MIN=10, TYPE=High);