Web Based Version Optuma

Web Based Version

Greetings Optuma!

Thank you for the dedication to the absolute best platform ever in existence!

I do have a request please.

A while ago I saw Mathew in a video announcing updated platforms, learning tools, advancements, & company name change to Optuma etc…

In that video Mathew mentioned a future Web Based Version of the platform.

This is extremely important to me actually.

I am a dedicated Mac user. I run Mac on computers, laptop, iPad, iPhone, iPod.

They work great together and my dedication to them is not going to change. Just as my dedication to Optuma is not going to change.

In order to run Optuma, I have to use VMWare Fusion and Windows inside my Mac OS.

This is extremely demanding on the computer and causes much stress on the OS and memory demands.

This works, and gets the job done but it is extremely laborious.

It really really drags my system down in a major way.

I think the Web Based version will be much easier to work with on my Mac and will be a great neutral operating platform regardless of what computers users prefer to use.

I am looking forward to the Web Based Version that Mathew spoke about in his video.

Thank You for implementing this ASAP! :).

Thanks again!

Thanks Aaron. We are currently busy planning and designing the web-based platform but a beta testing version is still several months away. We’ll keep you posted.