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I have a special question concerning the headline on the window below the price chart.

I have created two custom codes using the FRED database for the yearly %-change of the PCE core and headline inflation. That worked pretty well. I now have added the PCE core and headline inflation to a window below the price chart (see my attached screenshots). That was too no problem.

Unfortunately the headline on the left side of window below the price chart displays the formula of yearly %-change and not my desired headline “PCE Core & Headline Inflation” (see the screenshots).

What can I do that Optuma displays my desired headline instead of the formula of the custom code?



Hi Thomas,

I’m not sure why that isn’t working when adding custom codes as a New Window so we’ll get that looked at. Instead try adding the data in a Show View using the GETDATA() function for each series, and then you will be able to change the label.

Apply them to the chart as separate Show Views and then drag one over the other and lock the scale (click the broken chain icon in the Structure Panel), and the label will then be colour-coded:


Also, please insert images in the post rather than add attachments as it it much easier to follow.

Hi Darren,

I have done it as you have recommended. A nice trick!

A last question remains. On my chart I have in the headline also the text “of DCOIWTICO” twice. In your chart you have not that “extension”.

How can I remove the extension “of DCOIWTICO”?

Thanks again.


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