Wow, Not Sure about the Changes

Hi Guys,

I know you’re trying to make things better, but now I can’t work out if I’ve read the listed posts or not.

It was my usual practice every few days login to the Forums to check what new posts had been added that I hadn’t read, then to read and comment, or not, as appropriate. Darned if I can work out how to do that now☹




Hi Trevor

You can start off by using either the “New” or “Latest” post links at the top of the site.

Hi Mark,

Sure, I can look and the “NewPosts” and “Latest Posts”, but there is no highlighting of those that I have not read as was done in the past.

I’m presently looking at the “Lastest” list and it is displaying posts back beyond I haven’t work out exactly, but certainly before Aug '22. I’m sure I’ve already read all of them.



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