Zoom in / Zoom out

Hi Optuma team,

It would be great to have a zoom in / zoom out tool to zoom in or out of an area on the chart.

It should be possible to “draw” a rectangle on the chart with the mouse, and this area of the chart should be able to be zoomed in or out to get a closer or larger look at specific price actions or tools.

I know of course that I can use the “Bars on Screen” property to have a closer or larger look of the chart but a zoom in / zoom out tool would be much more convenient.

Best wishes,


We have the history slider which you can adjust to a specific section on the chart, as well as the scroll wheel of the mouse being used to zoom in / out of the chart (centred on the position of the mouse cursor). I am not sure there’s enough demand for additional zoom functions above these and the Bars on-screen manual entry.