finding script help

I am pretty sure I saw on the scripting forum that there was a gann swing AB=CD script scan, but for the life of me I can’t find it, my scripting is not doing what I want so assuming my recollection is correct can someone point to the script please.



Hi Tim,

Our search is terrible in here - I always use Google as we index everything with them. If you search for

Optuma AB=CD you will find what you are looking for.

All the best



thanks Mat, much appreciated, have a great weekend

sorry Mat I replied to early, in the scripting forum there is a script for using gann swings to find a certain percentage retracement ie,

This is a way to scan by using variables such as Gann swing to find retrements, scanning etc, The one the google search point to is the manual application of very specific rules.

My recollection was that there was a script on the forum using similar variables to the gann swing retracement but to find extensions of range.

Hi Tim,

I don’t recall an extension plot but here’s one for retracements of a range, which could be adjusted to find extensions instead ie take the range and multiply it by a value and add it to the low (eg L8 + (R1*1.382).

Is that what you had in mind?