Seasonality Charts

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Attached is a workbook containing charts for the ASX200 index, SPX, FTSE, DAX, NIFTY, Shanghai and Nikkei showing average performance each month. The chart on the left shows the change for a specified month each year - in this example September.

You can change to your own charts, or right-click on the page tab and select Clone Page to make a copy and keep the original.

Note - the blue diamond on the Seasonality Chart on the right is the current value.

It’s created using a Show View under a monthly chart changed to a histogram, and then the price chart itself is hidden in the Structure Panel so only the histogram is displayed.

For September, the formula used is as follows:

//Choose the month;
M1 = MONTHNUM() == 9;
//Calculate the monthly change;
//If M1 is true plot M2, else plot 0;
IF(M1 == 1,M2,0)

Change the MONTHNUM() value in Line 3 for the required month.

Seasonality.owb (110 KB)

By changing the Comparison Style property of the Seasonality chart to Compare Years you can enter the years of the US Elections. Here’s the S&P500 index showing annual performance since 1952 (note the workbook can be downloaded from the link below).

Seasonality-US-Election-Years.owb (4.79 KB)

Attached is an updated workbook with a look at midterm years, and a YTD time series using an Historical Comparison chart:

Seasonality-US-Elections-and-Midterms.owb (25.4 KB)

Thanks for sharing these!

Is this a way to take the historical chart comparison and blend the years into one line showing the average?

Thanks John - it’s not possible to show the average of the Historical Comparison chart at this time, but this has been logged for inclusion in a future update.