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Bitcoin ETFs Assets under Management and monthly fund flows (requires access to US Fundamental data):

The attached workbook has been modified as not all clients have access to the column charts, and shows the AUM and Fund Flows below the price chart (green is higher than previous, red is lower).

BTC ETFs.owb (31.1 KB)

Hello, Darren
how are you doing?

I saw you tweet:

Could you share your workbook with us, please?

Thank you.

Hey Rafi,

See attached for the US ETFs (it was built using the script formulas found here).

Closing highs by calendar year.owb (38.4 KB)

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Thank you very much!


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Hi Darren,

I saw today that you updated this wookbook, am i right?
Would you share it with us?

thank you.

Hey Rafi,

Yes I added a column chart for the YTD Net Fund Flows - see attached.

BTC ETF Fund Flows.owb (21.4 KB)

Hi Darren,

You have published again your chart about how many SPX members beat the index on Twitter (

I have recreated this chart some time ago using your forum post (Twitter Charts).

Unfortunately, my chart looks different than yours on Twitter.

Here is my script for the outperforming:

RIC() IsUp

Here are my settings for the Breadth engine:

Here is my script for “< 33% outperforming”:

Line1 = GETDATA(CODE=SPXPSDOUTP:Market Breadth) ;

// Less than 33.33% outperforming on positive SPX Days
Line2 = Line1 < 33.33 and CLOSE() IsUp ;

Here is my chart:

Inform me please why my chart is different than yours. My data for the “US Equity” database is up-to-date. I have 22798 items in the folder.

Thank you very much.

Hi Thomas,

Not sure, but is your S&P500 chart using our data? The header looks like it’s imported, so it could be the RIC() function is not using the correct comparitive price data. Also, there’s no need to use the IsMember condition in a scan any more if the Historical Membership has been delected.

When left blank the RIC defaults to our SPX data in World Indices, but if you are not using that data then you have to tell it which data to use:


Also, you can open a watchlist of the S&P500 symbols and add the RIC() IsUp column, and then sum the true values in the Summary row. I get 369/503 for Wednesday (73%).


If that doesn’t work then please contact support.

Hello Darren,

Thanks for your reply.

I think I solved the problem by deleting the “IsMember” addition from the formula in the Breadth engine.

Now my chart looks exactly like yours.

Thank you very much for your suggestion.